Case study: how security should work

A leading storage business has partnered with a leading cyber security business. Store & Secure now enjoys a Security Management Partnership with C3IA Solutions

Virtual assistants – friends or foe?

Virtual assistants such as Alexa, Siri and Google Home are ordering goods online automatically and without their owners’ knowledge after listening in to conversations. With Christmas approaching and people discussing what presents to buy, cyber-security experts are warning families to be on their guard. Matt Horan, security director of leading cyber-security company C3IA Solutions, said he had come across examples of the devices making unwanted purchases.

Berry goes digital in Cornwall

Berry Recruitment’s branch in Truro, Cornwall, has appointed Matt Wolstenholme as a consultant specialising in the technology sector. Truro has more superfast broadband connections than most European cities and the tech sector in the county is growing at an astonishing pace. Matt, who previously worked for a specialist digital recruiter in Bristol, is developing the new desk at the branch … Read More

Cyber attackers can hijack drones

A leading cyber-security expert has warned about the increasing dangers of hackers taking control of drones in mid-flight. Matt Horan of C3IA Solutions, the Dorset-based cyber-security company, said it is just one of the latest threats in the cyber-sphere.