Brexit campaigner welcomes Johnson victory

NEW LEADER: Newly elected Conservative Party Leader Boris Johnson, left with REIDsteel managing director Simon Boyd during a Vote Leave referendum visit in 2016. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

Leading Brexit campaigner Simon Boyd, managing director of multi-award winning Dorset company REIDsteel, has welcomed Boris Johnson’s victory in the Conservative Party leadership election today.

Mr Boyd was regional Chairman of Business for Britain South West during the EU Referendum campaign and welcomed Boris Johnson to REIDsteel in Christchurch on the Vote Leave battle bus in late May 2016.

He said: “Bravo for Boris! He has my warmest congratulations on becoming our new Prime Minister.

“When Boris visited our company REIDsteel during the EU Referendum campaign I found him to be intelligent, charismatic and charming.

“He will bring desperately-needed positivity and energy to Number 10 during a pivotal few months for this country, its people and economy.

“Above all, he must deliver the clean Brexit which he campaigned for in 2016 and for which the British people voted.

“That means departure from the EU free of the shackles of any kind of customs union, single market or European Court of Justice control.

“Anything less would be a betrayal of the democratic will of the British people, and leave him fatally compromised.

“If this means leaving the European Union on World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules, so be it.

“Boris must stand up to the bullies at the EU and refuse to be cowed by the Commons.

“I am sure he will have the confidence, ability and belief in this country that has been so sorely lacking in recent times to deliver a proper Brexit.

“Only then we will be able to grasp the great prize that is there to be won where we can trade fairly and freely with the rest of the world.

“It will no doubt be a busy few months but I hope Boris finds time to revisit REIDsteel in his new position as Prime Minister when he will be very warmly welcomed.”