You’ve got mail

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by Cliff Moore, Deep South Media Account Director


So, email is dead, we are told, yet again.

Yeah, right!

Newspapers were reporting this week that businesses were being overwhelmed by emails and were actively seeking ways of curbing this.

Some companies are set to end email use altogether after finding employees were using 40 per cent of their work time on internal emails.

Email use by 18- to 24-year-olds is declining sharply with messaging done using other social media platforms.

And Volkswagen, we are told, shuts down its email server at 5.30pm each day with fellow car company Daimler preventing email access to employees on holiday.

But where would actually we be without this method of communication?

Recent stats I came across show that 205.6 billion emails were sent last year (112.5 billion from businesses) and this is guesstimated to rise to 246.5 billion (128.5 billion from business) by 2019.

And email remains the most appropriate and convenient choice for direct business communication and marketing to key decision-makers.

I sent a fairly average 80 in the first two days of this week – how else could I have communicated my message?

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are all good social media tools, but either don’t have enough characters, are clogged up with too many pictures of people’s pets and dinner or are simply not targeted well enough.

Snail mail is only good if your message has no urgency whatsoever and faxes – well, can you remember the last time you sent one?

Internal communications may be a different kettle of fish and emailing colleagues in the office next door can seem more time-consuming than phoning or walking to chat with them.

However, it does provide you with a paper trail (yes, still called that) to document communication for compliance purposes.

So, just imagine a world without email. How would you cope?

That’s right, you wouldn’t. So while you might complain about your in-box being clogged up with junk, it is hardly an onerous task to click a message into the trash.

And what would you actually do during dinner if there was no inbox to check?

Interestingly, 38.7% of us check emails while on the loo, so to say it’s going down the pan is surely mistaken.

And in passing, so to speak, if your staff need training in email etiquette or how to compose a succinct and successful message, just email me for more details.