MAX Rules (Mindset + Attitude = eXcellence) means business

Kate Grey and Emma Biggs-Ng

Kate Grey, former Paralympic swimmer, and Emma Gibbs-Ng, creator of MAX Rules

A new type of personal development event with a ‘business networking’ twist is being launched in Bournemouth.

The MAX Rules meetings are the brainchild of Emma Gibbs-Ng, who has more than a decade of experience in the business world.

Speaking at the launch event at the Orchid Hotel on February 9 at 5.30pm, is Kate Grey, an inspiring ex Paralympic swimmer who lost a hand as a child in a farming accident.

She went on to experience success competing in the World Championships and Paralympic Games as well as becoming world number one.

It was during this time she was struck down by illness that led to her missing out on the 2012 London Paralympics and retiring from the sport.

Now a BBC commentator, she will be sharing her story at the MAX Rules event, talking about how her mindset and attitude has not only helped her to achieve excellence but overcome obstacles and challenges in all areas of her life.

Emma said: “I have been running my personal development company for four years and wanted to launch this inspiring event to create something that not only brings together like minded people, but creates a self-development opportunity that leads to new success.

“Speakers at the events will be sharing their stories as well as describing the techniques they use to overcome the obstacles they face along the way.

“I’ll then use these techniques as a discussion point and explain how they can be transferred to people’s lives.

“Each event will provide the opportunity to learn from guests and members, share success and implement positive change to help people achieve their goals, overcome obstacles and maintain focus and motivation.

“It is a chance for like-minded people to network but also to grow themselves and by doing so improve their businesses and their overall happiness.

“The techniques are tried and tested and the follow-up work for members, including webinars, additional resources and a dedicated Facebook group, makes the events unique.

“Ideally we want to attract those who are ready to break down their barriers to achieve new levels of success.

“The events will be held every six weeks in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”

Sponsoring the Max Rules events are Mark Liddle LLP insolvency advisors and Worth Accountants LLP.

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Emma Gibbs-Ng

Emma Gibbs-Ng


Picture caption: Emma Gibbs-Ng (right) with Kate Grey

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