Campaign to support roly-poly goalie

Comedian Scott Charlton who wants footy fans to eat pies to support Sutton United’s Wayne Shaw.

A pal of Wayne Shaw who lost his job at Sutton United for eating a pie has urged footy fans to get behind the roly-poly goalie.

Comedian Scott Charlton is encouraging supporters to chomp on a pie during this weekend’s fixtures on 83 minutes – exactly when Shaw bit into his.

The corpulent reserve stopper was on the bench during non-league Sutton’s FA Cup tie against mighty Arsenal.

After being targeted by away fans singing at him the favourite terrace refrain ‘who ate all the pies’, Shaw went and fetched a meat and potato pasty.

He then gorged on it in front of TV cameras from around the world and to the amusement of fans at the 5,000 capacity Gander Green Lane stadium.

With his team 0-2 down and all substitutions having been made he felt safe to satisfy his hunger.

The 23 stone athlete, however, was subsequently forced to relinquish his position as it transpired a bookmaker had offered odds on him eating a pie during the game.

Afterwards Shaw, 45, who as a youngster was in the same Southampton FC youth team as England stars Alan Shearer and Matt Le Tissier, said it was all a bit of fun.

He said: “The Arsenal fans were constantly singing about me, and shouting ‘who ate all the pies?’

“There was a lot of banter, and I thought I could have a bit of fun here. I took a big bite and waved it in the air towards them, but it was all in good spirit.

“It didn’t cost me anything from the girl at the counter — apart from my job.”

His pal Scott Charlton, from Poole, said: “I feel really sorry for Wayne; it was a bit of a laugh done in the right spirit.

“While top stars might not be able to enjoy a laugh and a bit of banter, non-league players should be able to.

“I’d love it if fans across the country backed Wayne by eating a pie – or any food, even fruit – on 83 minutes, then posting pics on social media.

“It would send a message to the humourless suits.”