Landlord building to help meet demand


Steve Wells of DWP Housing Partnership in front of one of the landlord’s developments of new affordable homes in Morley Road, Boscombe.

Dorset’s biggest private landlord has invested £3.5m in the last twelve months creating over 50 new affordable homes to help address the local housing need, it has revealed.

DWP Housing Partnership has spent in excess of £500,000 converting bedsits into self-contained flats to improve the standard of its accommodation.

The landlord plans to continue creating properties in the Bournemouth and Poole conurbation because it says the demand is so great.

In the next year it estimates that it will invest a further £2m to develop more units of accommodation including houses and flats as well as retail units for local businesses.

The partnership has around 3,000 tenants and says that it has a long waiting list because there is a lack of suitable properties in the area.

Steve Wells from DWP Housing Partnership, said: “Our intention is to provide quality, affordable homes for rent – which there is a massive requirement for.

“We are building brand new homes but also converting bedsits into self-contained flats.

“Our goal is to have happy tenants who want to stay with DWP and providing quality accommodation helps that happen.

“We provide a variety of accommodation because there is an increasing need to cater for all types of tenants; older people, single people, families and those with disabilities.

“Across Bournemouth and Poole there is a growing need for housing and we wish we could house all the people who want one of our properties.

“We are continuing to invest large sums of money to create affordable homes for rent.

“Our eye is very much on the long term and our commitment to the area remains as strong as ever.”



Notes for Editors:

DWP Housing Partnership was established as Dave Wells Properties in 1985. The company, which has its headquarters in St Clement’s Road, Boscombe, owns properties across Dorset and Hampshire and houses over 3,000 tenants.

The business currently has other new developments under construction in the Bournemouth and Poole area and plans for several more in the future.

Steve Wells sits on a number of national panels, advising on the best ways to regenerate run-down areas and working to make sure Bournemouth remains a great place to live and work. He’s also a member of the National Landlords Association (NLA) and the British property Federation (BPF).

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