Does your business use Twitter? It should. Here’s why…

Emily Walster

A guest blog by Emily Walster, a student from Canford School, who has just completed her GCSEs and is spending a few days on work experience with us.

Amidst a minefield of multimedia, Twitter stands head and shoulders above the rest owing to the unique blend of news, photos, promotions and opinions the platform proudly hosts. But why should your business join Twitter’s 100 million daily active users?

Social media is the future of business, that’s why.

Unlike Facebook, Instagram or the hundreds of other social media platforms, your business can rely on Twitter to deliver information fast, first and without fail.


You are the CEO of a law firm looking for a new property lawyer. Newspaper adverts are dated and window advertisements are hopeless. What you need is Twitter. In under 280 characters you can publicise your job opening to over 100 million potential employees. Simple, efficient and effective.

Another possibility:

You are the director of a small scale magazine. One of your employees receives first-hand information on a shocking recent event. With no time to produce an article ahead of your competitors, what you need is Twitter. By just clicking ‘Tweet’, the information can be shared immediately, directing major traffic towards your once-small scale magazine. Simple, efficient and effective.

My point is, no matter your business type, it needs to be utilising Twitter.

Whilst 75% of users say they use Twitter to get their news, these aren’t the only articles they are sharing through their 500 million tweets per day.

Amongst other opportunities your business can:

  • Publicise links to blog posts
  • Stay up to date on conferences
  • Distribute photos
  • Retweet and reply to other tweets

All with the power of microblogging.

As Forbes’ #21 Digital Company, Twitter has it all.  (Facebook stands at #28 by the way.) News, marketing opportunities and its massive readership are just some of the platform’s positive aspects. However, it is fair to say Twitter’s decentralised nature is its biggest benefit.

Twitter combines information from stand-alone platforms to allow its users to gauge a balanced view of global happenings. Intelligence from divergent news outlets such as the BBC, ABC or Sky news can be considered collectively, allowing readers a balanced view from which they can draw their own conclusions.

Likewise, multiple businesses can share, compare and promote research, publications or resources based on what other companies in their field are making public.

Essentially, Twitter is a cultural melting pot that encompasses business, current affairs, politics and entertainment.

From a purely business-minded point of view, Twitter is crucial to growing your company as it opens up doors to new audiences and business collaborations. This is because your platform will allow you to reach a large number of people quickly.

The ability to ‘follow’ whoever and whatever you want (whether that be experts in your field or conferences you can’t attend in person) is liberating and allows small and large businesses equal opportunities to grow and prosper.

Therefore, Twitter’s advantage can be summed up using one word: unmissable.

Up until now, your business may have been holding back, somehow resisting the undeniable pull of Twitter. ‘We already use LinkedIn and Facebook,’ and ‘Twitter is for the younger generation,’ may be some of the excuses you have used.

Let’s quash those theories.

‘We already use LinkedIn and Instagram.’

In 2019, this is not enough. It is important to remember that some people only use Instagram or LinkedIn or, for that matter, only Twitter.

‘Twitter is for the younger generation.’

A common misconception. At 89, although Buzz Aldrin has been to the moon and back he still makes time for Twitter.

No more excuses; get your business on Twitter. And make sure to follow our octogenarian  twitter user @TheRealBuzz for some #spaceinspo.