App’s the way to do it!

Luzia Holloway of Cleaning Operations UK (right) with marketing officer Louise Coe launch their new app and website.

Luzia Holloway of Cleaning Operations UK (right) with marketing officer Louise Coe launch their new app and website, which have received rave reviews from clients. Picture by Deep South Media head of visual Paul Collins.

A Hampshire-based cleaning company has revolutionised the way it works with clients through the introduction of a brand new application.

The app allows clients of Cleaning Operations UK to login via its website and view the status of jobs at their leisure, improving efficiency for all parties.

Luzia Holloway, founder and managing director of the company, believes the app is a big step forward for the firm.

She said: “The app helps our clients greatly because at the touch of a screen they can review the progress of their projects.

“We have had very positive feedback already and it has clearly been a big hit.

“As a company it helps us too because we take fewer phonecalls and emails from project managers, meaning we can also increase our productivity.”

Cleaning Operations UK employs more than 100 staff and is headquartered in Fareham, Hampshire. The company provides a rapid-response service offering both industrial and commercial cleaning plus maintenance to a host of businesses in the region.

Marketing officer Louise Coe joined the company earlier this year and oversees the running of the app.

“We will be constantly adding more information and updating each project from beginning to end,” she said.

“The app gets right down to the fine details, meaning we can update it when each task is completed and it provides clients with more than peace of mind.”

In addition to the new app, Cleaning Operations UK has recently revamped its website and is currently growing its social media outlets, having introduced new Facebook and Instagram pages to complement its existing Twitter and LinkedIn profiles.

Louise said: “The new website, Facebook and Instagram pages are going really well.

“We’re attracting lots of likes and followers and we’ve had some lovely comments from clients and staff on our website.”

For Luzia, the emphasis on social media is part of a strategy to reach out to new and existing clients, transitioning the company into the digital age.

She said: “It’s all about showing businesses, clients and the public what we can do and enhancing our reputation.”

Luzia founded the company 15 years ago and has built up a list of prestigious clients, taking the business across the nation and abroad to high-status events including the Geneva and Paris motor shows.