Banquet fit for little kings and queens

Knights and princesses enjoy the foundation banquet at Avonwood Primary School.

Knights and princesses enjoy the foundation banquet at Avonwood Primary School.

Youngsters at one Bournemouth primary school were treated to a banquet fit for little kings and queens.

The four and five year-olds from Avonwood Primary’s Foundation classes royally celebrated the end of a special myths and legends topic.

Called ‘Once there were Dragons’, the topic taught the children the wonders of castles, medieval times, royalty and knights.

And it culminated in a medieval style banquet in the school hall.

Foundation teacher, Emma Gibson said: “Our children thoroughly enjoyed learning about medieval times, fairy tales and legends of yesteryear.

“The whole topic really made their imaginations come alive and at the end of term banquet they were invited to come dressed as princes, princesses and knights in shining armour.”

The topic started with tales of St George and the dragon, information about castles and what life was like in medieval times.

As the topic developed the pupils found out more about knights and the Royal Family.

Throughout the term the children also got to learn medieval dances and use their imaginations to act out and create stories.

Avonwood Primary is part of Avonbourne Trust, which also comprises of Avonbourne College, Harewood College and Avonbourne Sixth Form.

Avonbourne Trust CEO, Debbie Godfrey-Phaure, said: “As a Trust our ethos is to inspire curiosity and the intellectual wonder of all our students – right from the outset of their journey with us.

“This topic at Avonwood is just one of many we organise to increase children’s enjoyment for learning. I’m so pleased to see our youngest members of the Trust have such a royally good time at school.”



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