Multi-storey re-opened by national operator

Britannia Parking has re-opened the St mark's multi-storey in Wrexham

DRIVING FORCE: Britannia Parking has taken over the 307-space St Mark’’s multi-storey car park in Wrexham

A national operator has given the local economy a boost by re-opening a multi-storey car park in Wrexham town centre.

Britannia Parking has taken over the 307-space St Mark’s site, off Regent Street, after it was closed by its former operator in September of last year.

The company, which currently manages 341 sites nationwide, has thrown open the gates of the popular pay and display – the cheapest for all-day parking in the town centre – with new season tickets and payment options.

Mark Watts, Britannia Group Commercial Development Manager, said: “With more than 25 years’ experience of operating car parks nationwide, we understand how important multi-storey sites are for town centres and the local economy.

“We know many shoppers, workers and local people were disappointed when the St Mark’s car park closed late last year and have been waiting for it to re-open.

Britannia Parking opens multi-storey car park in Wrexham

VIEW FROM TOP: Mark Watts, Britannia Group Commercial Development Manager

“By taking over the management of the facility, we aim to be a good neighbour and help ensure the vitality of the town centre and support the growth of the local economy.

“With parking from just 50p St Mark’s is now one of the cheapest in town for all day parking and we pleased to offer a pay by phone service and discounted parking to regular customers through the sale of season tickets.”

Multi-storey offers

The company has launched an introductory offer to mark the re-opening. Customers can purchase a quarterly (13 week) season ticket for seven-day parking at St Marks multi-storey car park for just £150 through the Britannia Parking website at BritPark via the ‘Season Ticket’ link, using the promotional code WREX16.

The car park is open from Monday to Saturday from 7am to 8pm and from 9am to 6pm on Sunday. It is locked overnight.

The car park was closed in September of last year by its former operator. It has been re-opened by Britannia Parking this summer.

Britannia Parking is based in Bournemouth, Dorset, and employs approximately 300 staff nationwide and is one of the largest national car park operators.

Britannia Parking is a member of the British Parking Association and the industry’s Approved Operators Scheme.

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