Couple use Pure Imagination for Wonka-themed wedding

The groom came as Willy Wonka when two Charlie and the Chocolate Factory fans tied the knot at the Marsham Court Hotel in Bournemouth.

Catherine Dyer and Dean Howells decided to give their nuptials a little oomph – or rather oompa loompa – with food, decoration and music all inspired by the 1971 classic film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Guests received golden ticket wedding invitations before feasting on blueberry dessert and a Willy Wonka themed wedding cake.

They even watched the newlyweds perform a choreographed ‘first dance’ to songs from the film and posed with them for photographs beneath replica Chocolate Factory gates.

Mortgage underwriters Catherine and Dean discovered a passion for everything Wonka after meeting at work.

One of their first dates was spent watching the film and they have also been to London to see the new Charlie & The Chocolate Factory musical.

At Christmas, Dean persuaded his father Michael Howells to dress as Willy Wonka and assist him in making his marriage proposal.

Catherine said: “When Dean later suggested a Willy Wonka theme for our wedding I laughed, but then I thought it was a brilliant idea and the Marsham Court has been fantastic in helping us plan it all.”

She continued: “Dean looked fantastic dressed as Willy Wonka and I chose a dress covered in pieces of gold to follow the golden ticket theme.

“I was going to suggest my bridesmaids dress as oompa loompas, but I thought better of it – so instead they wore Cadbury purple!”

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was written by Roald Dahl and follows young Charlie Bucket and a small group of contest winners who get to tour the magical and mysterious factory of eccentric candy maker Willy Wonka.

The Marsham Court Hotel’s wedding organiser Kat Tegg, was thrilled to help the couple’s Wonka Wedding wish come true.

She said: “I admit I was a little surprised when they said Dean would be dressing as Willy Wonka, but he looked truly dapper in his top hat.

“And when they performed a waltz to the beautiful song Pure Imagination, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.”

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Photo by Jay’s Photography.