If you have ever sat with colleagues and tried to imagine the ‘what if?’ questions that might befall your organisation you will know what a deeply unsettling process crisis communications planning can be. What if a company vehicle runs off the road and kills a passer-by? What if one of your staff is accused of a serious crime? What if through no fault of your own someone in your care is harmed?

The more people involved in the organisation the more varied, unpredictable and worrying the possibilities and the harder it is to control events. As a result, it is entirely rational to try to identify these possible events and decide in advance how your organisation should behave if and when they arise.

We at Deep South Media are increasingly working with clients in developing embedded plans of action known as Emergency Response Protocols (ERPs). These are detailed processes for communicating with the media, the public, staff and other interested parties.

With an ERP in place clients can concentrate on dealing with the core of the crisis and know they have a system already worked out for keeping the media informed and the public reassured.
ERPs are part of our wider incident support and planning service designed to provide you with expertise in fast-moving crisis situations, where every minute counts and reputations are on the line.

As former journalists we have worked on the other side and know the questions that will require responses. We have helped clients deal with dozens of serious incidents in Dorset, Hampshire and across the south coast.

Our crisis support service is open to any company, organisation or individual, on a pre-agreed, fee-for-service basis. Many of our retained clients already have incident support cover as part of our public relations service. As and when push comes to shove, we are here for you.