Data firms ‘sleepwalking to disaster’

The Government’s new Data Protection Bill published this week has been widely welcomed by an industry expert – with a warning.

Headline element of the Bill is that people will be able to ask for personal data, or information posted on social media when they were children, to be deleted.

However, Anil Jain, pictured, experienced boss of innovative digital agency MediaBase Direct (MBD) says it actually goes much further than that.

He says all businesses need to take steps to comply with major changes or face hugely increased fines of up to £17 million or 4% of turnover for date breaches.

The bill replaces the outdated 1998 Data Protection Act and brings into British law the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) due next May.

Mr Jain, whose company is based in London and Hampshire, said: “I welcome as it is a much-needed overhaul of UK data protection laws to make them more robust and relevant to today’s world.

“However, I do fear that a great many businesses are simply sleepwalking their way to disaster and are totally unprepared for the new rules giving people more control over personal information.

“Companies must act today if they are not to fall foul of these stringent new regulations regarding personal data storage and use. I predict many smaller businesses will inevitably face fines

“GDPR was already introducing much stricter privacy laws and this Bill simply takes them further.”

Mr Jain, whose company has developed the fully compliant e-Reception Book app to replace traditional visitor books, says there are several danger signs for businesses.

These include:

  • Requiring firms to obtain ‘explicit’ consent when they process sensitive personal data
  • Making it simpler for people to withdraw consent for their personal data to be used
  • Allowing people ask for data or old posts to be deleted by social media firms – the ‘right to be forgotten’
  • Enabling people to obtain information organisations hold on them much more freely

Mr Jain added: “Digital data capturing and handling is a complex and confusing issue and this is why I urge company directors to take expert advice before it is too late.”

MBD, based in London and Segensworth, Hampshire, has been delivering database and digital solutions for more than 21 years.

The firm builds, design and develop mobile and web based products and solutions for a wide range of clients.


MediaBase Direct is a digital agency based in the Hampshire and London that builds, designs and develops products for a wide range of clients.

The company has been delivering database and digital solutions for over 20 years and clients include TML Accounting, Oxford Innovation, Little Brook House, Arena Business Centres, Chesterfield Gardens and Bramsdon & Childs Solicitors.

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