Delivering your message


By Cliff Moore, Account Director, Deep South Media

My daughter has had a baby and – bear with me here – this happy event has shown how your business can get its message across.

Without wanting to sound too much like a BMD announcement, congratulations to Poppy and Matt on the arrival of Seth Alexander, an 8lb 12oz bouncing baby boy.

It left this new granddad wondering how he was going to find the time to tell everybody what had happened, but he needn’t have worried.

For the news spread across the world like wildfire – and much of that was due to his great-grandmother’s ongoing obsession with Facebook and his new auntie’s Chloe’s skill with social media, pictured.

As soon as words and pictures about the new arrival were posted they were remessaged, first by a handful of people, then dozens, then hundreds. It went viral in its own little way.

From that point communications bearing felicitations came flooding back in from all quarters and it wasn’t long before it felt like Seth was known to everyone.

Poppy and Matt may still put in a newspaper BMD notice for the benefit of those people unaware of the baby’s existence, but this whole happy episode is a perfect example of spreading news quickly and widely.

With fast communications being the key today, businesses must be aware that social media platforms are brilliant for conveying messages and staying connected with your target audience.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and the like are ‘must haves’ for all companies seeking to stay ahead of the game and ensure speedy assimilation of their products or services.

That’s not to say the more traditional methods of communication – newspaper, television, radio, internet, email – are obsolete.

Far from it. There needs to be a balanced approach to cover all bases and reach all available markets and each of the above still has a major role to play.

But for speed and getting tomorrow’s news out today in a targeted campaign, social media has no equal. It is just a case of working the system well.

Meanwhile, back to the babysitting, just looking at little Seth and contemplating the glorious miracle of nature that is childbirth…

with Seth 2 upright