Every journey should have an appy ending

Appy ending. Yellows’ staff Fiona Harwood, Gareth Edwards and Ollie Wheatley with the ‘Move’ app.

Appy ending. Yellows’ staff Fiona Harwood, Gareth Edwards and Ollie Wheatley with the ‘Move’ app.

Yellow Buses is so ahead of schedule that it is revolutionising bus travel with a major update to its mobile app.

Called ‘Move’, the app now allows passengers to instantly buy tickets for 30 days, alongside the popular seven day, three day and single day options.

And shortly the app will be updated so each day will cover a 24 hour period and passengers will be able to buy a day ticket in the afternoon and use it the next morning.

A one hour ‘single’ ticket will also be available soon, designed to attract a new generation of passengers.

After buying a ticket with their mobile device, passengers simply show it to the driver and on they get.

‘Move’ provides a fully integrated customer experience, including mobile ticketing, journey planning, live departure boards and disruption information in a single app.

Passengers are able to ‘favourite’ stops and journeys they use regularly, underlining Yellows’ commitment to making it easier for passengers to ‘get on the move’.

The technology has been created by Bournemouth mobile app developer We Are Base, which specialises in behavioural change.

Fiona Harwood from the Yellows said: “We are aiming to make bus travel easier for passengers and this app is one of the ways we are doing it.

“It complements our Glo smart cards and allows people to buy tickets using their phone without cash or fuss, and contains up-to-the-minute travel information and details about departures.

“From the impressive analytics and customer service tools available we can understand our passengers better and manage their needs far quicker than ever before.

“People can download the app for free and then it is there waiting for a time when it needs to be used.

“The app also contains state-of-the-art journey planning, showing the walking distance from where a passenger is to the stop they want. It also shows them the distance from the final bus stop to their ultimate destination.

“Passengers can also watch the buses’ progress on their phones as they wait.

“The tickets available also include a three day family ticket and the one hour ticket is coming soon, which will be ideal for those who just want to make a single journey.”


Tom Quay, CEO of Passenger Technology Group (PTG), the transport subsidiary of Bournemouth-based technology company We Are Base, said: “We are delighted that Yellow Buses will be bringing the full benefits of our transport app platform to their customer base.

“We have been working successfully with them since 2008 across multiple projects and this announcement will enable further innovation for customers here in Bournemouth.

“We relish the opportunity to help Yellow Buses set a new standard for public transport delivery over the coming years.”



Pic caption: Appy ending. Yellows’ staff Fiona Harwood, Gareth Edwards and Ollie Wheatley with the ‘Move’ app.


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About Yellow Buses:

Yellow Buses operates a fleet of 137 buses and 18 coaches with a staff of 450. It carries more than 15m passengers a year with its vehicles operating nearly five million miles across the Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch and East Dorset area. The Yellows are part of RATP Group, the world’s fifth largest public transport provider. www.bybus.co.uk


RATP group:

With 14 million passengers every day worldwide, RATP group is the fifth largest urban transport operator in the world. The multimodal network operated by RATP in the Paris region, with its 14 metro lines (including two driverless lines), two regional express network (RER) lines, seven tramway lines, 350 bus lines and shuttle services catering to the region’s two international airports, is the largest of its kind in the world to be managed by a single company.

RATP group can devise, design and implement infrastructure development projects, operate and maintain networks irrespective of the transport mode (metro, regional train, tramway and bus) and develop innovative services to promote mobility such as passenger information, electronic ticketing, pricing and customer marketing. The automation of Paris metro’s Line 1, which was completed at the end of 2012, is a world first and once again has demonstrated the ability of RATP group to complete particularly complex projects.

RATP group has a workforce of nearly 60,000 worldwide and in 2015 generated revenue of 5,556 million euros.



RATP Dev is RATP a group subsidiary set up in 2002 to export the Group’s operation and maintenance knowhow outside the historic network operated by RATP in the Paris region. RATP Dev now operates in 15 countries on four continents (United Kingdom, France, Italy, Switzerland, Algeria, Morocco, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, India, China, South Korea, the Philippines, the USA and Brazil). In 2015 RATP Dev generated revenue of 1,144 million euros.