FliteTrak lifts off in new sectors

Smart technology pioneer FliteTrak is breaking into fresh markets with new product lines and artificial intelligence development in 2018.

The UK-based company is in advanced talks with European partners for the roll-out of its ViatorAero intelligent remote monitoring technology for passenger seating on major airlines.

VISION: FliteTrak Viator Aero sensors, data loggers and tablet showing app display

VISION: FliteTrak Viator Aero sensors, data loggers and tablet showing app display

It will be showcasing the cutting-edge system – the first working technology to monitor individual seats for such variables as temperature, movement, seatbelt closure and mobile phone activation – at Aircraft Interiors Middle East (AIME) on January 23 to 24 in Dubai.

Other systems in FliteTrak’s new product line-up for 2018 include ViatorPower tm for batteries and generators, ViatorPure tm for water sanitation and purification, and SwimTrak tm for swimming pools.

Each is based on FliteTrak’s intelligent remote monitoring systems which collect data and send it in real time to tablets, laptops, watches or desktop via a purpose-written NLDT algorithm.

The system also sends alerts to flag up issues, logs data for analysis and provides efficiency savings through predictive maintenance.

FliteTrak, which is headquartered in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, is also working on Artificial Intelligence at its Innovation Hub at Daedalus Park in Hampshire in partnership with Microsoft’s machine learning systems.

CUTTING-EDGE: FliteTrak joint managing director Andrew Barnett.

CUTTING-EDGE: FliteTrak joint managing director Andrew Barnett

Andrew Barnett, joint managing director, said: “The Internet of Things, disruptive technology and AI have become the latest hot topics.

“As the premier UK provider of NLDT systems, our suite of Viator products turn such concepts into reality with tangible benefits across multiple sectors.

“We are in productive talks with European partners about the introduction of ViatorAero tm for major airline carriers and have launched new product lines to meet rising demand in other markets.

“By remaining at forefront of the incredibly rapid advance of technology, we can give our clients a competitive edge and help realise the vision of a better future.”

FliteTrak will also be attending the industry leading Interiors Expo in Hamburg in April.

The company is committed to building bridges with education and contributing to future skills development.

It is working with universities and Barton Peverill Sixth Form College at Eastleigh in Hampshire where engineering students are working on energy harvesting systems.

FliteTrak’s NLDT (near live data transmission) algorithm hunts for and uses the best data channels to deliver data from sensors as quickly and reliably as possible, globally.


Its ViatorPower system has the capability to monitor and track the health and reliability of batteries, generators and power on essential systems whether they are in emergency vehicles, hospitals, IT or in business.

ViatorPure for water sanitation and purity can be applied on a commercial basis but also has potential to help save lives in the Third World.

SwimTrak can monitor swimming pools for such factors as temperature, pH levels, chlorination and purity whether for holiday homes or on a commercial basis.

FliteTrak’s AI development promises to give its systems the capability to learn from data to recognise incidents or trends – good and bad – and act upon that in a pre-emptive to maximise or minimise outcomes.

Visit FliteTrak at Aircraft Interiors Middle East on stand 836.

Watch the FliteTrak ViatorAero video

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