Hairdresser holds free pamper event for fellow cancer sufferers

A Bournemouth salon owner who has battled both breast cancer and a brain tumour is offering free beauty treatments to fellow sufferers.

Tracey Verrall, owner of Nu-Vo Hair & Beauty in Holdenhurst Road, has teamed up with the charity Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF) to host a special invitation-only Pamper Evening on October 19.

Tracey, 48, explained: “Having been diagnosed with cancer twice and undergoing incredible medical treatment here in Bournemouth, Poole and Southampton, I want to reach out to other cancer sufferers and do something to help.

“Being a hairdresser, the best way I can do this is to offer some of my fellow cancer sufferers a few hours of relaxation, massage and gentle pampering in the company of others who are going through the same thing.”

Mum-of-two Tracey was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago and underwent chemotherapy before having the tumour and some of her lymph nodes removed.

This was followed by radiotherapy.

She said:  “My diagnosis came right in the middle of planning my son Liam’s wedding and my daughter Chantelle going to university and was obviously terrible shock. But I continued to work all through my treatment because I found being at work, plus the support of my husband, my staff and my customers helped me cope.”

When Tracey started getting headaches last year she put it down to the cancer treatment.

But unfortunately scans revealed a secondary brain tumour.

She said: “It was removed the week before Christmas.

“I then had more radiotherapy before taking some time off to recover.

“Obviously it has been a very stressful time,” she continued.

“Because of the treatment I lost my hair, my eyebrows and my eyelashes not once, but twice.

“I think losing your hair is a real blow for all women and for me it was really upsetting, particularly as I work in an environment where hair is so important.

“However it also showed me how important it is to get good advice on the best wigs and how a little pampering can really lift your spirits.”

Her own cancer also led Tracey to Dorset Cancer Care Foundation.

She said: “My consultant at Bournemouth Hospital told me about Dorset Cancer Care Foundation and how it helps sufferers meet the financial costs of cancer.

“My husband Peter contacted them and the charity sent me some Tesco vouchers which not only went a long way to helping us meet the costs of Christmas, but also gave me a real boost – to know strangers as well as my family cared.”

DCCF was founded in 2012 by Eve Went, Leslie-May Harrison and Pam Jeffries from Poole to help cancer patients meet the cost of everything from transport to and from hospital, to childcare and much-needed short breaks.

The charity has also funded an overnight treatment room at Lewis Manning Hospice in Poole and is helping Wessex Cancer Trust to set up patient support centres in Dorchester and Bournemouth.

Tracey said: “When I told DCCF about the pamper evening they offered to help me reach out to local sufferers. With their help we now have around 15 people coming along on the night.”

DCCF co-founder Pam Jeffries, said: “Tracey and her staff are so kind and all the people we have contacted have been thrilled with the invitation to attend the Pamper Evening.

“Nu-Vo has also offered to display one of our DCCF collecting tins and we are very grateful for their support.”

Tracey said: “I think it will be a fun evening but probably pretty emotional too.

“We’ll be doing hair and nails and hand massages, having a glass of wine and nibbles and chatting and if it goes well I plan to make it a regular event.

“Cancer is a very frightening and depressing thing to go through, but talking to someone who understands – and a little pampering – can make a real difference.”

For information on how to fundraise for DCCF, to donate to the charity, or for details of how the charity may help you, please visit:, email:, or phone Nykke Jones on: 07790 092291.

Tracey Vrrall (centre) with two of her stylists Sharon Brambani and Donna Harrington (blond)

Tracey Vrrall (centre) with two of her stylists Sharon Brambani and Donna Harrington (blond)

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