Red all about it!

Ray Faulkner, founder of iRed and a pioneer in thermography, along with his team

Pioneering Hampshire company iRed has been awarded the Investors in People Small Business Accreditation.

The infrared camera specialist, which has added drone technology and a training centre to its services, was particularly praised for its inspiring leadership.

Founded and run by Ray Faulkner, the company has led the way in advancing the benefits of infrared technology across a number of sectors.

It also has pioneered the linking of drones with infrared cameras and introduced the concept across multiple industries.

Based in Emsworth near Portsmouth, the business, which is also a consultancy, trains people to use infrared cameras and fly drones.

Investors in People was launched in 1991 is a standard for people management and is a highly sought-after accolade.

In its summary, the Investors in People report stated that iRed’s areas of strength included ‘strong, inspirational leadership’.

It added that the company has ‘high levels of employee engagement, creating a working environment seen as exciting and compelling to staff of all ages.’

The report also praised the business’s ability to ‘change and adapt with innovation and technological advances…’

With a team of around a dozen, iRed has grown rapidly in the last few years as more industries realise how infrared technology can apply to them.

Ray said: “This accreditation really reflects the hard work, skill, inventiveness and passion of our staff.

“We are always looking ahead to the next technological step and how we can make it work. It excites us.

“Infrared technology was once seen as a small part of the construction industry, but it has many applications including in the equine world, renewable energy sector, search and rescue and in electronics.

“When you bring cameras and drones together the number of applications grows further.

“The team here are so passionate about what we do that managing them is a pleasure.”




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Notes to editors:

iRed was founded in 2002 by Ray Faulkner who has pioneered the advances in thermography. The technology was traditionally used to examine buildings for failing insulation and in the electrical sector to check wiring. Now, there are a plethora of applications with iRed leading the field as a consultancy and specialist training centre.