New type of bugs found in gardens

Matt Horan, right, from C3IA Solutions, with bug-sweeping experts Michaela Cotty and Ash Williams

The move to home working in garden offices is creating major security risks, according to a leading cyber security company.

C3IA Solutions, which is headquartered in Poole, Dorset, said business rivals can more easily insert listening devices into these remote spaces.

While conducting sweeps in clients’ homes they became aware that outside garden offices had not been captured in the scope of work.

C3IA Solutions’ bug-sweeping experts Michaela Cotty and Ash Williams

Initially during lockdowns, the major cyber threat was because company computers had been taken from offices and their security not necessarily reconfigured for homeworking, leaving them open to hackers.

Now, with many companies abandoning offices and moving permanently to remote working new risks are presenting themselves.

A survey by Moneypenny has shown that around four per cent of home workers do so from garden offices, which is tens of thousands of people.

This figure is only growing, with shed providers reporting a huge increase in orders as people prepare to work from home full time.

Matt Horan, co-founder of C3IA Solutions, said: “Sometimes people are more relaxed about security at home than they are in the office because they are always there.

“But garden offices do present increased risks. Firstly the physical security can be weak. They are often made of wood and can be broken into easily.

“They can be located in the garden away from the householders and often not covered by the home’s security systems or CCTV.

“Conversations inside them can be easily overheard, and it is simple to plant listening devices.

“The surveillance devices are extremely cheap, small and powerful and you’d be surprised how easy it is to plan them.

Here are some items that contain bugs.

“Usually we carry out Technical Surveillance Counter Measures in large office blocks and on superyachts – and we work all over the world.

“Many of our staff are ex-military and have high levels of security clearance so we work in some sensitive locations.

“But this type of bug-sweeping work is becoming more common in business and the move to home offices is seeing us push to get these outbuildings captured in our scope of work to mitigate the risks to our clients.

“We are able to survey the entire security and advise on how to reduce threats – and a surveillance sweep takes a short time in a single-room environment.

“Those who have called us in suspect that private conversations or information has leaked and want to make sure it never happens again.

“Planting listening devices sounds a bit like something from a film, but it is very now tempting in business as a way to gain extremely valuable information for little cost and risk.”

This air freshener contains a listening device.

This plug socket contains a listening device.

This calculator contains a listening device.

This clock contains a camera device.

This device is easily hidden and someone can call it from anywhere in the world and listen to what’s being said near to it.

Another tiny listening device