House this for a collaboration?

Ray Faulkner, third left, and some of the iRed team

Pioneering infrared company iRed has officially partnered with the University of Portsmouth in order to drive research into the energy efficiency of buildings.

The project is designed to provide homebuilders, surveyors and inspectors with an effective method of assessing new homes.

iRed, based in Emsworth, Hants, as well as selling infrared cameras and drones, trains hundreds of people each month to use infrared technology.

The new tie-up is through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), a part government-funded programme designed to encourage collaboration between businesses and universities.

iRed’s managing director Ray Faulkner has worked closely with the university for some years and employs several graduates at his fast-growing firm.

He said: “Our aim with this partnership is to create a simple, accurate, standardised and easy-to-use mechanism that can establish whether newly built houses are as efficient as the design claims.

“We will utilise thermal imaging technologies to develop this system that will be able to determine sustainability and compliance within the built environment.

iRed’s expertise that shows a new build property losing heat through the rear wall and floor.

“It will enable homebuilders to verify the thermal efficiency of walls, windows and roofs – along with detecting any areas of thermal bridging and heat loss.

“Once captured, this data will allow assessors to demonstrate whether new homes have been constructed as designed, and meet current and expected future quality standards.

“There is something exciting about linking our practical and business experience with the latest academic thinking.

“We know that there is a high demand for new houses and we want to be part of something that makes them as energy efficient as possible.

“It’s good for the environment and it will ensure energy costs are as low as they can be.

“The project is in everyone’s interest and we are looking for a major housebuilder to join us in it.”


A room in a new build losing heat through the back wall



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Notes to editors:

iRed was founded in 2002 by Ray Faulkner who has pioneered the advances in thermography. The technology was traditionally used to examine buildings for failing insulation and in the electrical sector to check wiring. Now, there are a plethora of applications with iRed leading the field as a consultancy and specialist training centre.