#kids4DCCF – how the youngsters can help

Chris Thomas, chairman of DCCF

Children across Dorset are being asked to help Dorset Cancer Care Foundation (DCCF) in this time of crisis by doing some simple and fun fundraising during their time away from school.

DCCF gives grants to Dorset families who are facing financial hardship because of cancer, and cancer patients need DCCF’s help even more so at this time. But the local charity has been hit hard by the Coronavirus, and all its fundraising events having been either cancelled or postponed.

The #kids4dccf campaign invites young people to use their daring, imagination and sense of fun to raise much needed funds.

Whatever you choose to do – a sponsored trampoline bounce, a readathon, footie goal scoring or even loo roll juggling! – set your challenge, ask you friends and relatives to sponsor you an amount of money and then visit the DCCF website where you can download a sponsorship form.

You will also find details of how to post pictures of your exploits online, so we can all enjoy your fundraising efforts.

Plus there is info on how to send your money to the charity once your sponsored event is complete.

Every penny #kids4dccf raise will help another person.

You may even want to download another form and do something else!

Whatever you do, however you do it, please accept our deepest thanks for helping families here in Dorset who really need it.