How the message is received


Voicing my concern over how the message is received

by Cliff Moore, Account Director, Deep South Media

I have become, through no fault of my own but rather as a victim of circumstance, an avid viewer of BBC TV’s Saturday night talent contest The Voice.

This is the show where wonderful/average/absolutely useless [delete where applicable] singing hopefuls parade their talents before a panel of four industry experts.

These experts this year are the flirtatious Rita Ora, the earnest Ricky Wilson, the seemingly permanently bewildered Sir Tom Jones and, a rapper whose convoluted pontifications and comparisons make A Brief History Of Time seem like a Janet and John book.

The show’s USP is that the auditions are ‘blind’, inasmuch as the judges don’t see the wannabe star before they commit to giving them a coveted place on their teams by bashing a button and turning their chair.

So, it is all a matter of perception.

Someone’s voice may be that of an angel, but if the judges were aware that they looked like a cross between (and I know I’m dating myself here) The Roly Polys and The Weather Girls (look them up, kids) would they have been so fast?

It struck me, therefore, that none of us perceive things in the same way.

This was heightened when the judges had to cut their teams to just three candidates for the live shows being broadcast currently – because I am absolutely certain they weren’t hearing the same voices as me.

They couldn’t have been or they wouldn’t have ended up with, in some cases, such duffers representing them.

Thus it is in real life. Some of us may regard Jeremy Clarkson as an opinionated oaf while to others he is a much-maligned hero of lads’ TV…and so on.

Here at Deep South Media the very nature of our business is getting the message across, but how do we know how that message is being received?

The answer is that it comes from experience.

The message from us is straightforward, factual and honest (that’s the way we do things here).

This ensures there is really only one way for that message to be received.

Our ever- growing client base teaches us that we must be doing something right.

It is the same with everything in life and, with the General Election merely weeks away, it is something our politicians may care to bear in mind.

It may be unfair to tar all candidates with the same brush, but the stock of politicians is pretty low at present and we need to know we can believe what they are telling us to maintain the credibility of our political system.

Or, not to put too fine a point on it, people may well care more who takes The Voice trophy than which party leader ends up with the keys to 10 Downing Street on May 7.

There… all that about how we view things differently without any reference whatsoever to that blue, gold and white dress.

Cliff Moore, Account Director, Deep South Media