Economic survey launched in Dorset

An economic survey has been launched in Dorset to take the pulse of the county’s businesses.

Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry (DCCI) has started the quarterly questionnaire with backing from the county’s Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP).

The Dorset Economic Survey will act as a barometer of business. It will provide grassroots data and identify issues which need addressing.

DCCI members and those of its affiliated chambers are being urged to take part in the first economic survey online now on the Chamber’s website.

It will also incorporate questions from the British Chamber of Commerce’s (BCC) influential Quarterly Economic Survey.

Economic Survey

DCCI chief executive Ian Girling said: “This survey gives us a real opportunity to gain comprehensive and accurate insights into business locally.

“The BCC’s Quarterly is the most authoritative national survey. We aim to replicate that at a local level in Dorset to help drive economic growth in the county.

“It will have local questions about such subjects as business confidence, skills and performance in specific sectors.

“It will also address issues affecting business. These include the affordable housing crisis and the impact of this on employees and recruitment.”

Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership director Lorna Carver added: “Possessing credible and accurate data is incredibly important when it comes to making informed decisions about Dorset.

“This new survey has the potential to make this high quality information available at our fingertips. I would urge all businesses to take part as fully as they can on a regular basis.”

The Dorset Economic Survey is a short questionnaire. It is combined with the BCC Quarterly Economic Survey. The survey will take no longer than five minutes to complete.

DCCI will publish its findings on a quarterly basis. It will make the information available to the Dorset Local Enterprise Partnership, businesses, local authorities, decision makers, the BCC and other organisations.

DCCI, the voice of business in Dorset, is the only chamber in the county accredited to the BCC. It has more than 800 members representing more than 37,000 employees.

All businesses will be invited to complete the survey. The disaggregated findings will also be shared with the eight affiliated town chambers so they have a clear view of the specific issues facing their members.

The chambers are Weymouth and Portland, Broadstone, Dorchester, Poole, Bridport, Ferndown, Shaftesbury and Swanage.

Contact account director James Tourgout on 07827 806400 and for more details.