New HQ for expanding technology company

The team outside their new £1.4m home at Compass House, Portsmouth. Picture by Deep South Media head of visual Paul Collins.

The team outside their new £1.4m home at Compass House, Portsmouth. Picture by Deep South Media head of visual Paul Collins.

A growing high-tech firm specialising in creating loadbalancing hardware and software has purchased a new £1.4m global corporate headquarters at Compass House, Portsmouth. recently completed the move from the Portsmouth Technopole and founder and managing director Malcolm Turnbull is pleased with how the relocation has progressed.

He said: “There are always a few problems when moving to a new building but it went very well and the staff are very happy in their new home.”

Loadbalancers, also known as Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) in the IT industry, manage activity on IT systems to prevent collapses under the strain of sudden bursts of traffic or equipment failures, enabling everyday websites to provide fast and reliable browsing for consumers.

With 12,000 deployments in 74 countries and offices in the US, Canada and Germany, Malcolm last year recognised the need to address the physical impact of the company’s latest growth spurt.

He added: “We were beginning to get overcrowded, but since the move it’s been far easier to get things done and our new environment suits us perfectly, improving our ability to hold training sessions with customers, for example.

“Part of our business is to have support, sales and development in the same open plan room because they’re always communicating. If a customer was on the phone with a problem they can now talk to those departments at the same time, which helps us a great deal.”, which has consistently developed industry-firsts, exemplified by its partnerships with Amazon Web Services in 2009 and Microsoft Azure in 2014, is planning on further steady growth.

Malcolm said: “We love our new office, we’ve now got space to grow into and it’ll be interesting to see how quickly we fill the place up. The demand for load balancing will only go up, in keeping with the growth of internet traffic.

“According to the latest edition of Cisco’s Visual Networking Index, more than a billion more internet users and 10 billion more devices and connections will see the amount of traffic flowing over the internet in the next few years almost treble.”

High-profile customers of include NASA, the BBC, the United States Postal Service, BT, Mercedes Benz, ASOS, Vodafone, SEGA, Estee Lauder, O2, Bacardi, River Island, the NHS, Premier Inn, Verizon and Selfridges & Co.