Parkfield sports days are a real team effort

Parkfield School held two, fun, sports days featuring running, jumping….pirates and dinosaurs!

While the older pupils’ sports day involved the more traditional running and track events, the early years and key stage one pupils kicked off their day of sport with a parade based on some of the topics they have studied this year.

Head of PE Kim Taylor, explained: “We had pirate hats, dinosaurs masks and all manner of creatures from under the sea, as well as music and dancing.

“In fact there was a real party atmosphere throughout, with lots of parents attending, cheering the children on, joining in the fun and also participating in the Parents’ and Teachers’ Race.”

Parkfield is Bournemouth’s only Free School and educates children between the ages of four and 16.

Ms Taylor added:  “What made our younger pupils’ sports day extra special was the fact that our Year 6-10 Sports Leaders supported the younger children throughout.

“At Parkfield we encourage interaction between our oldest and our youngest pupils at every opportunity.

“Our older students supervised races, looked after and cheered on the younger children and in doing so helped make it an extra special occasion.”

Parkfield School will hold an Opening Evening at its new Hurn site on September 28, from 4pm-8pm

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Parkfield School is a publicly funded, co-educational, independent all-through school.

Its ethos is to nurture, inspire and enable.