Ready for the rebound: six essential steps to boost your post-Covid PR

MAKING YOUR WEBSITE FLY. Now is the perfect time to review your online messaging and content.

The world has changed. In just a few short months, the Covid pandemic has affected all parts of society and gripped business activity by the throat. 

Before Covid, we had begun 2020 keeping an eye on the new government, expressing concern over Australian wildfires, preparing for the Budget and the next phase of Brexit, and sorting out arrangements for the new financial year.

Suddenly it was a case of ‘fire-fighting’ closer to home with an urgent need to steady the ship as the pandemic hit. As well as managing the practicalities of physical distancing and home working, bosses were faced with agonising decisions about laying off staff while navigating the new business support measures such as furlough payments, loans, tax deferrals and rates relief.

While it is understandable that PR and content marketing had to take a back seat at crisis meetings around then, the irony is that customers most probably wanted to see more high-value communications, not fewer.

That’s because people need reassurance, clarity and guidance about those products and services you provide that they have come to rely on or at least choose above competitor offerings.

More than ever, this is the time to review and, if necessary, refresh your website content and messaging to stay engaged with those customers.

If what you are saying now is the same as your market proposition was in January or February, you need to ask if it remains fit for purpose in the ‘new normal’.

With business activity beginning to re-emerge, this is the perfect time to spring clean and upgrade your messaging as part of a ‘ready for the rebound’ PR strategy.

If you do this now, you will extend the window of valuable planning time to prepare for renewed demand. You will avoid the risk of a panicky knee-jerk response as the taps come on stream again and your competitors step in to service the pent-up need.

Here are six initial steps you can take today:

  1. Consider what the top questions will be in the minds of your audience and reflect that in the messages on your website.
  2. Check that the calls to action remain relevant compared to BC (Before Covid). If they’re not, update them.
  3. Approach brand advocates and invite them to give you a glowing testimonial. Yes, they may be busy and juggling many other priorities but on the other hand they may be glad you asked and happy to oblige. New testimonials will help to freshen up the website and give you content you can link to from social media.
  4. Review your Google Analytics. Ask yourself if the top-performing pages before Covid are still doing the business for you. If so, continue to prioritise them. If not, rethink. You can also check that your analytics is still tracking everything you need it to.
  5. Tidy up your lists of customers and contacts. Review, organise and strengthen your databases so you can ensure your email marketing campaigns and wider PR communications are targeted accurately.
  6. Plan a PR campaign now. It can take a while to create and discuss a communications plan ahead of implementation. Don’t wait until competitors have stolen a march on you. Do it now, whether it’s a content marketing campaign, product announcement, social media strategy, research story or other company news piece.

At Deep South Media, we are brimming with energy and exciting ideas to help you turbocharge your PR post-Covid.

We’ll work with you to review and upgrade your messaging, provide a ‘Covid sense check’ on your website, and deliver a host of other essential tactical and strategic support.

If you wish to ‘dip your toe’ into PR with an initial one hour of consultancy, you may want to take advantage of our new Spartans service. This offers entry-level, bite-size support on a monthly plan.

Otherwise, please look through our website to see our full range of PR and content marketing services including campaign planning, copywriting, design, photography, video production, crisis communications and media training.

All economic sectors have been impacted by the global emergency. The speed and extent of the recovery in each case will differ due to many factors.

What is clear is that when the crisis ends, those companies first out of the blocks with smart, engaging messaging will have the edge on the competition.

For a no-obligation discussion, call our Managing Director Ron Wain on 07824 355523 or email