Recruiters sack single use plastic from their coffee runs

Recruiters at TeamJobs in Poole were so shocked by the number of plastic cups they amassed during their daily coffee runs that they teamed up with their local cafe to buy their own bio-degradable coffee cups.

The former Dorset Company of the Year worked with neighbouring Butterfingers in Parkstone Road, to make their twice daily, coffee fixes kinder to the planet.

TeamJobs MD Jason Gault, explained: “Most of the team adore coffee, but we were getting really concerned by the amount of plastic cups which were mounting up in our bins every day.

“Luckily, Steve Winson, the owner of Butterfingers where we buy our coffee, came up with the perfect solution – bio-degradable, reusable cups made from bamboo, which we bought for each member of staff and our visitors, and which we simply take with us to get our coffee each time.”

Jason continued: “Steve got us an excellent deal on the cups and even sourced them in our company colours. Plus, everyone who takes in their own cup receives 20p off the price of a coffee.

“Now we all have our daily caffeine fixes without amassing binfuls of non-recyclable plastic.”

Steve Winson, owner of Butterfingers, said: “We have been reducing our single use plastic as a business for a while.

“All our takeaway food boxes and takeaway cutlery is now made from cardboard or plant based materials. We also no longer use plastic drinks straws, and now we can offer companies these great cups, which they simply bring to us and we fill.”

Steve added: “TeamJobs is our first business customer to commit to this and we’re hoping other local firms will follow suit.

“I think everyone has been shocked by recent stories about the problem of single use plastics, so it’s a little thing we can all do to make a difference.”

The reusable coffee cups are one of a raft of measures TeamJobs has introduced in recent years to protect the environment and improve the wellbeing of its staff.

The company pays employees a bonus of £50 a month if they cycle, walk or take public transport to work at least three times a week and has installed bike racks and a shower.

TeamJobs also has four electric cars for staff to use during work hours.

These and other measures led to the company being named Dorset Company of the Year in the 2015 Dorset Business Awards organised by Dorset Chamber of Commerce and Industry.


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A LATTE SENSE: TeamJobs’ Caroline Firth picks up a ‘green’ coffee from Steve Winson at Butterfingers in Parkstone Road, Poole. Steve has sourced bio-degradable, reusable coffee cups for TeamJobs and hopes other local firms will follow suit.

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