Fire warning after Covid

Aaron Keith of Sentinel Fire & Security who is warning that fire alarm systems might have gone out of date during the pandemic. He is holding a 1937 extinguisher.

Businesses are being advised to have their fire alarm systems checked because many were untested last year due to the pandemic and lockdowns.

Aaron Keith from Poole-headquartered fire and security company Sentinel said that some equipment will have gone out of date, meaning in the event of a fire insurers might not pay out.

With more heating, lights and possibly open fires and candles being used during the winter months a fire is more likely.

Companies should also ensure their fire extinguishers are checked, as they too might have gone a year without being assessed.

Aaron said: “Last year during he pandemic the testing of fire systems was not a priority for obvious reasons.

“It was not deemed a critical service because reducing the spread of Covid was considered more important.

“So this year many businesses have systems that might be out of date, or aren’t working and do not meet compliance rules and regulations.

“We have very strict standards here and fire systems should be checked twice a year to be compliant.

“Fire extinguishers should also be tested every year and re-filled every five years.

“It might be that everything is fine, but in the event of a fire you want to know that your systems will work, and that your insurance won’t be invalidated.

“We’d also advise businesses to have circuits checked on any Christmas lights or illuminations they buy, to ensure they are as safe as possible.

“For a small outlay businesses can feel safer, be compliant and keep their insurance valid.

“By doing so they will help keep neighbouring businesses and properties safe.

“People should also check their smoke alarms at home to make sure they are in good working order.

“When our engineers do go and check alarms and systems – which they do right across the south – people are grateful and very reassured.”




Notes to editors: Sentinel Fire and Security was founded by Aaron Keith and Niall Harper in 2016. It recruited a team of experienced engineers and works across Dorset, Hampshire, Sussex and Wiltshire in all areas of fire and security. It has become the go-to business for technology-enabled care providers and independent living communities. The business is headquartered in Brixey Business Park, Fancy Road, Poole


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