Deep South Media, in line with other companies, is currently working remotely during the pandemic.

Our services to 70 leading companies and organisations, which we proudly work for on a cost-effective basis, are unaffected.

Office hours continue to be from 8am to 6pm every day, Monday to Friday.

However, given the national emergency, with events rapidly changing on a daily basis, a number of us are also available at the weekends for reputational advice.

It is likely that, as a company or organisation, you will be facing significant operational challenges in these unprecedented times.

We are here to assist your senior management team with professional internal and external communications, whether business-to-business to business to consumer.

Deep South Media will return to office working only once the Government, with guidance from Public Health England, provides authorisation.

Meanwhile, we wish you and your family, friends and colleagues good health.

HM Government Response & Guidance