We offer a full social media service, which can give you all the benefits of the various platforms while saving you a great deal of time.

Here are just some things that we can provide:

  • Campaign creation and delivery
  • Trusted, reliable advice
  • Strategic consultancy
  • Tactical planning
  • Routine posting of content
  • Setting up of social media accounts to what is known as ‘business manager’ standard – ie looking good as a company rather than as an individual
  • Designs of accounts to reflect brand attributes, including input of graphics in line with both client brand design specification and the requirements of the particular platforms concerned
  • Populating content on ‘about’-type pages
  • Directing, sharing and supporting admin access
  • Handling payments for advertising
  • Setting of agreed benchmarks for performance
  • Measurement and analytics to gauge performance against targets
  • Managing interaction with followers/contacts including handling any critical or hostile comments/messages
  • Familiarity with all main social platforms – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc
  • Costed packages to suit different budgets – Bronze, Silver and Gold-type propositions as required

A targeted, well planned social media strategy can:

  • Extend digital reach by enabling more links to your existing web presence
  • Increase community engagement (through likes, shares and retweets)
  • Increase consumption of your content
  • Help you engage directly with your existing and potential customer base

And ultimately, prompt enquiries, help with the sales effort, and drive business success.