We write, design and deliver postcards, newsletters and formal letters to ensure residents and other stakeholders are kept abreast of plans and progress throughout all stages of a development process.

Whether it is building new homes, a supermarket or factory, solar farm or industrial estate – development plans are often met with local opposition.

The Localism Act has seen the top-down method of planning torn up with local people having a far greater say and influence.

Our job is to help get your planning scheme, contentious or otherwise, across the line in an ethical and transparent manner.

The communications driver is for your stakeholders to understand the rationale and compelling benefits of your scheme.

Done well, public consultation can avoid costly delays and reputational damage caused by a scheme being called in.

To date we are working successfully on £360m worth of development, providing exemplary stakeholder engagement.

From briefing documents and public exhibitions to news releases and newsletters, we are very much at the operational heart of our clients’ schemes.

We reach out to as many relevant people as possible from residents, local councillors and grass roots organisations to MPs, planning officers and the business community. We identify risks and work with you to provide answers to the most difficult of questions expected to be posed by opponents in the public domain.