PR masterclasses

Learn the secrets of media relations success

Making your company, its product or service – or yourself – stand out from the crowd is more difficult than ever.

And getting great media coverage – whether in online, print on TV or radio – is a sure-fire way of becoming memorable.

But the modern media landscape can be confusing for those unfamiliar with the way journalists work. And the journalists working in it are busier than they ever have been.

About our masterclasses

Our new interactive online PR masterclasses will give you the key insights and skills you need to cut through the noise and become a trusted source of content and comment for the media that matter to you.

You’ll spend an hour learning from highly experienced journalists-turned-PR-professionals from Deep South Media.

Our team includes former editors, business editors, news editors and national newspaper journalists.

Held via Zoom, our masterclasses include presentations, real life examples, troubleshooting tips and a Q&A that answers the ‘all-you-were-afraid-to-ask’ questions.

We’ve kept numbers limited so that you get as much from the masterclasses as possible.

Our online training sessions are ideal if you are in a media-facing role in a company or organisation or are new to PR and marketing. For comms professionals who have been with the same employer for some time, it’s a good opportunity to update your knowledge of the media landscape.

The training is also geared to the owners of smaller businesses, and to those of you looking to gain new skills to further careers and bolster CVs.

Our first masterclass for you

Our first masterclass is titled ‘Learn the secrets of media relations success’.

You’ll hear about the insights and approaches used to gain coverage that boosts your profile and bottom line.  Coverage of this kind in digital channels and independent media is a proven way of generating new sales for products and services.

By the end of the masterclass, you will have learned about:

  • Why you need a media profile
  • What makes a ‘story’
  • How to write a media release
  • How to issue a media release
  • Where to send a media release
  • How to approach the media
  • How to build strong media relations
  • How to cut through the noise
  • Where social media and pictures come in
  • Tricks of the trade to give you a greater chance of success

This masterclass is open to participants across the UK, with bookings accepted from individuals, businesses, charities, the education sector and other organisations.

There’s also the option of bespoke sessions for larger organisations and businesses who wish to train a cohort of staff or focus on a particular sector.

The cost is £70 plus VAT per person. Please choose from one of the dates to book.

More specialist masterclasses

We’ll be adding dates for our second and third PR masterclasses (Visuals and House style) shortly.

All of our masterclasses are designed to stand alone so they can be taken independently or you can take two or three to enhance your skills.

Contact us

If you have any queries, please get in touch for more details.

Call 01202 534487 or email account directors:

Cliff Moore at
James Tourgout at

You can also email

Booking terms:

Each masterclass is a competitively priced £70 plus VAT per person.

Masterclass bookings are non-cancellable and non-refundable. If you are unable to attend on the booked date you may allow someone else to log in in your place. Bookings are non-transferable between dates unless an event is postponed. If an event is postponed then bookings will be valid on any future scheduled date for that workshop.

Guarantee your place by booking a date below. Each masterclass starts at 11:00 (am) UK time.


Thursday Sept 16

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Thursday Nov 4

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Thursday Nov 25


Thursday Dec 2

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