‘Smart’ seating to transform air travel

FLYING HIGH: Trevor Lea, joint managing director of FliteTrak at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo where the firm's cutting-edge ViatorAero technology was launched in April 2017

FLYING HIGH: Trevor Lea, joint managing director of FliteTrak at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo where the firm’s cutting-edge ViatorAero smart seating technology was launched

Intelligent passenger seating secured interest from two major European airlines when it was launched at a global trade show.

FliteTrak’s ViatorAero – based on award-winning remote condition monitoring technology – was unveiled at the Hamburg Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in Germany.

Using low power sensors, the cutting-edge system can monitor individual seats for temperature, movement and seatbelt closure as well as the cabin environment and such facilities as overhead lockers.

Following AIX, directors from FliteTrak – which has its innovation hub at the Solent Business Park in Whiteley – are now involved in ‘productive discussions’ about the technology following the airline interest.

Seating for 21st Century airlines

Trevor Lea, joint managing director of FliteTrak, said: “ViatorAero generated a considerable amount of attention at AIX.

“This included positive interest from two major European airlines, and productive discussions are now continuing.

‘We can see that ViatorAero will make intelligent seating a reality and transform the inflight experience.

“Benefits include improved safety, comfort and enjoyment for passengers as well as a reduced workload for cabin attendants.

“To secure such strong industry interest so soon after our launch is immensely encouraging and we’re looking forward with confidence.”

ViatorAero is based on advanced iBlox technology which uses small wireless, low-power sensors.

Cabin attendants can monitor seats, overhead lockers and other systems live on tablet or mobile device in real time during flight.

Examples of ViatorAero use:

  • Showing which passengers have seatbelts on – saving valuable time during visual checks, especially during turbulence.
  • Movement sensors to monitor passengers who are unwell, need assistance, agitated or disruptive.
  • Temperature sensors for passenger comfort and efficient energy use
  • Broken equipment such as trays, seatbelts and screens can be logged and rapidly corrected by maintenance crews.
  • All data is treated in confidence and not connected with individual passenger names although airlines may request a bespoke system to predict personal passenger preferences.

FliteTrak is based in the UK with its head office in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, and an innovations hub at Solent Business Park in Whiteley, Hampshire.

All of its systems, sensors and services are designed and managed in the UK with security and data integrity of paramount importance.

The names of the airlines expressing interest have not been disclosed at this point for commercial reasons.

Watch the FliteTrak ViatorAero video.

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