Snap happy – The benefits of Instagram for small businesses

Studland at Sunrise

Studland at Sunrise

With 500 million users worldwide and counting, and 300m of those daily users, it’s surprising that more businesses have not turned to Instagram to showcase their products with pictures.

Increasingly there is a place for digital imagery to help grow the profile of small businesses, with the battle to create visual content becoming more significant than ever before.

There is no better way to help achieve this than by using Instagram – the most popular image-sharing app on the planet.

The beauty of Instagram is its simplicity.

Users can easily upload pictures from their phones, add a caption and begin tagging their posts to gain followers, likes and start conversations – all with the aim of boosting the profile of your business.

The effective and relevant use of hashtags is also a handy tool to help draw the world’s eyes to your pictures.

Basic hashtags, e.g. #black and #sky are most commonly used, but there is also a place for longer hashtags such as #downbytheriver, #walkingthedog and #movienight.

All a business needs to do is tailor the use of hashtags to their products and their company.

‘Geotagging’, or adding the location of where a photo was taken, is another way of attracting more attention to your posts, and why not tag other businesses or people in your photo too?

Just before you send a post there is also the option to share it on other social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, both of which help with exposure.

Instagram is an ideal place to market your business. Restaurants, for example, have taken to Instagram to post pictures of their dishes – food is especially popular with Instagram users.

Businesses also enjoy success in creating photo competitions, using behind-the-scenes pictures, professional photography and even collages.

Collages are a growing trend on Instagram. The company has even realised that to keep up with the competition it had to build its own ‘Layout’ app.

Layout is designed to help users combine multiple pictures into one post in a collage format.

Figures show that at present every one in five posts on Instagram are comprised of collages.

At Deep South Media we have recently opened an Instagram account to help boost our profile and showcase the professional photography by head of visual Paul Collins.

Our Instagram posts can be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and more – all with the aim of creating strong visual content to complement and enhance our written text.

Why not create your own Instagram account and let your pictures tell a thousand words for your business?