Lucy’s cyber success

Lucy Dalley with C3IA Solutions’ security director Matt Horan

A university student has been offered the possibility of a job in one of the country’s leading cyber security companies after impressing bosses during a work placement.

Lucy Dalley spent a year with C3IA Solutions in Poole, Dorset, between the second and third year of her Cyber Security Management degree at Bournemouth University.

With a shortage of qualified and experienced staff in the industry Lucy is pioneering a career path which many more will take in the future.

It is also a career dominated by men, but Lucy’s example it is hoped will encourage more women to consider cyber security as a career.

During the year Lucy has put theory into practice and has gained vital practical experience.

She has practised techniques of ‘bug-sweeping’ and also helped companies through various certifications including Cyber Essentials.

Matt Horan, security director at C3IA Solutions, said: “Lucy has become a valued member of the team over the last year and will be coming back one day a week during the final year of her degree.

“And if she wants to pursue a career with us we’ve offered her the possibility of a job for when she has completed her studies.

“As a company we are committed to helping people enter the industry and we really do want to see more women taking cyber-security as a career.

“During her time with us Lucy has made presentations, attended meetings and networking events and has completed a number of important internal projects.”

Lucy, from Shirley in Southampton, said: “It is a male-dominated industry but there is no need for it to be.

“Some think that it is all about programming and coding and being really into computers – but that is a wrong assumption.

“It is more about information assurance and that can take many forms.

“My dissertation, for example, is about social engineering – both the technical and physical side.

“It has been a great year gaining practical, real-world experience and putting theory into practice.

“I would advise all young people to consider cyber security as a career – it is a growing sector and there will be jobs available.”