A new chapter in the story of the world’s most famous tank

The story of the world’s most famous tank has had a new chapter added following research revealing exactly how Tiger 131 was captured. The new information includes an astonishing account from a previously unknown eye-witness. He recalled the moment his anti-tank round bounced off the Tiger tank as the turret turned in his direction moments before it was disabled by … Read More

Fighting for African education

The Dorset-based cyber-security company C3IA Solutions has got behind the efforts of a British soldier who wants to build a library in his penniless town in Ghana. Nyame Ayeh Assuon, known as Sony, moved to Britain as a student when he was 24, and later joined the army. Now he is a Lance Corporal in the Royal Corps of Signals … Read More

Out of Africa

After two years of planning and fundraising a group of New Forest students finally got their chance to make a real difference to communities in Africa. Sixteen Year 11 and 12 students from The Arnewood School, New Milton spent three weeks in Zambia where they helped children in an orphanage, re-decorated an old people’s home, built a student accommodation block … Read More