Don’t get blogged down

Adding blogs to a website is useful for a variety of reasons – but it often sounds easier than it is. But Deep South Media writes them for businesses in many sectors.

London calling…

Deep South Media’s Ed Baker recalls his time as a journalist dealing with London newsdesks.   I spent 12 years working for a press agency; finding, writing and selling stories and pictures to national newspapers. London-based journalists from the papers would also commission us to do work on their behalf, usually if the story they were writing had a Dorset … Read More

Growing your business from blog to brand

By Lewis Waugh How many of us, now it’s February, have given up on those New Year resolutions to get fit? Are you now regretting that hasty decision to take out expensive gym membership? And have you come to the conclusion that your body will never match the standard portrayed on billboards across the country? If you ticked all three … Read More