Superyachts are being targeted by eavesdroppers

High net worth individuals are becoming increasingly concerned about being bugged on their superyachts, according to a leading expert. Matt Horan, security director of C3IA Solutions, said his teams of ‘bug sweepers’ have been expanded to deal with the extra workload.

Bug’s life

Secret listening devices and cameras are becoming more common and harder to locate due to the increasing sophistication of technology, according to a leading cyber security company. C3IA Solutions said that devices which cost just a few pounds to buy require kit worth upwards of £10,000 to locate.

Be safe be cyber sea

High net worth individuals are increasingly calling on a Dorset business to sweep for bugs in their mansions and superyachts. C3IA Solutions, the cyber-security company, has seen a spike in demand for its counter-surveillance expertise.

Dorset firm approached to sweep for Brussels’ bugs

Dorset-based cyber-security company C3IA Solutions has been approached to deliver a major contract to ‘bug sweep’ an important building in Brussels. A team from the company will use state-of-the-art equipment to search for bugs and listening devices at the location, which can’t be identified for security reasons. C3IA Solutions works across the cyber-security sector and employs a team of experts … Read More