GoSecure comes to the UK

A major North American cyber security business has launched in the UK as more companies understand the need to protect their systems. GoSecure in the UK is a subsidiary of Dorset-based C3IA Solutions, one of only 13 businesses to be certified by the government’s new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Heading GoSecure is RAF veteran and experienced cyber security expert … Read More

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One of the country’s leading cyber security experts has welcomed plans to turn Bletchley Park into a training school for a new generation of code-breakers. Matt Horan, director of Dorset-based C3IA Solutions, said there is a massive skills shortage in the sector that needs rectifying. He said that the Buckinghamshire site where the German Enigma code was broken in World … Read More

A post password cyber world

The traditional password is doomed, according to a government official from the new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Tasking technology users to remember a variety of passwords and modify them monthly is not practical, it was heard at the Cyber Security Summit in London. An NCSC civil servant, who made a wide-ranging speech, said we must go ‘beyond passwords’ as … Read More

Insiders are the real cyber threat

  A leading cyber security expert has welcomed the government’s commitment to battle the growing menace of cyber attacks – but warned that staff remain the weakness in any business. Matt Horan, director of C3IA Solutions in Poole, Dorset, said around 70 per cent of attacks are because staff press the wrong button and initiate a cyber attack. The company … Read More

C3IA has wings

The Dorset-based cyber security company C3IA has appointed Darren Reho as Principal Consultant as the business takes off. Before entering the private sector, Darren spent ten years in the Royal Air Force as a communications engineer specialising in information security and cryptography. He joins a company that is just one of 12 in the country certified by the government’s new … Read More

In cyber dealing

A Dorset-based cyber security company is just one of 12 in the UK that has been certified by the government’s new National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). C3IA had to undergo a rigorous process to gain accreditation by the organisation, which is the public-facing part of GCHQ, the government’s spy listening hub. The NCSC says that C3IA provides ‘cyber security services’, … Read More