Race is on to save historic medicine cabinet for the nation

A crowdfunding effort has been launched to try and buy the medicine cabinet that belonged to Lord Nelson’s surgeon Sir William Beatty. The wooden apothecary case caused quite a splash when it emerged for sale  on the antique marketplace 2Covet.

Old model army

Some of history’s most bizarre and outrageous tank designs that were never made have now been created in model form and are to go on display at the Tank Museum, Bovington, Dorset.

Happy Christmas from the Western Front – a hero too hot to handle

A Christmas card sent 100 years ago by one of the First World War’s most heroic tank officers is to go on display for the first time. Elliot Hotblack sent the simple card from ‘Advance Headquarters Tank Corps’ in December 1917, presumably to his parents in Norfolk. It includes a print of a crewman waving his cap from a Mark … Read More

Any old iron

Youngsters from a Wimborne school showed their ‘metal’ when they turned the clock back some 2,000 years. The children from Colehill First School ditched 21st century life for an Iron Age Experience Day. They were challenged to leave their school uniform behind and come to school dressed as a typical Iron Age dweller. And under the guidance of Iron Age … Read More

Bringing the past to life

A village school transported its pupils back in time when it took them to the 1940s and the Second World War. Witchampton First School held a World War II Day to teach the children what it was like to live in a war-torn Britain. All the children and staff wore 1940s style clothes and were tasked with organising a tea … Read More

Schools march back in time

Children from across east Dorset are marching back in time as their schools bring history to life. The Heath Academy Trust has teamed up with Bournemouth-based Treehouse Theatre Company to hold a History Month throughout March so pupils from its six schools can experience life from yesterday. From prehistoric times to the 16th century shenanigans of the Tudor Kings and … Read More

How British Girl Guides made a Charlie out of Hitler

An astonishing diary of a Girl Guide who went on a youth hostelling trip to Germany in 1936 and met Hitler has emerged for sale. The 100 typed pages read like an Enid Blyton children’s adventure book, but with a chilling undercurrent. She described the Teutonic madman as looking like Charlie Chaplin, but said he was wonderful with the children … Read More