The Spartans have arrived

Deep South Media has launched a new service for start-ups and micro-businesses. The Spartans provides all DSM’s PR services.

Portico and SMS Group partner in short stay ship repair

SMS Group has partnered with Portico, Portsmouth’s International Cargo Terminal, to provide dedicated ‘short stay’ ship repair wharfage for all ship operators within the Solent. SMS is a specialist in ship repair, marine engineering and major fabrication projects in the commercial marine, defence and superyachts sectors. The business also operates, inhouse, a diving and subsurface marine engineering division. Portico, based … Read More

Chamber calls for infrastructure action

Businesses are becoming increasingly concerned by failing infrastructure, according to Dorset’s voice of business. Dorset Chamber has called for action amid the ongoing closure of Poole’s Twin Sails Bridge and the Sandbanks ferry. Both are currently out of action at one of the peak times of the year. It wants to see a long term vision for infrastructure in the … Read More

Barnbrook races ahead with relay

A Hampshire engineering firm is set to launch an innovative relay switch to target new business growth. Award-winning Barnbrook Systems Ltd has developed the one inch cube relay to expand one of its core product lines. The Fareham-based firm is also upgrading its market leading fire suppression actuators, which are used on extinguishers, cylinders and sprinkler systems. Managing director Tony … Read More

Want to engage Gen Z? Here’s how…

Passive readership leaves us alienated, warns Joel Griffiths, 20, on placement with Deep South Media during his second year at Bournemouth University. Joel, studying multimedia journalism, makes the case for better online interaction from mainstream media.

Don’t become click bait and fall into the social media trap

Careless use of social media is increasingly leading to workers missing out on their dream jobs, according to one of the country’s leading recruitment firms. Berry Recruitment Group (BRG), which has more than 30 branches across England and Wales, said that employers are spending more time researching candidates online. Seeing photos of would-be employees drinking and taking drugs or reading … Read More

Going viral is joyously infectious

When the UK woke up on November 9 half of America was in mourning and much of the world was shell-shocked at the bombshell news that Donald Trump was now the most powerful man in the world.

Growing your business from blog to brand

By Lewis Waugh How many of us, now it’s February, have given up on those New Year resolutions to get fit? Are you now regretting that hasty decision to take out expensive gym membership? And have you come to the conclusion that your body will never match the standard portrayed on billboards across the country? If you ticked all three … Read More