Beware the Iranian cyber response

A leading cyber-security expert is warning businesses to be on their guard following Iran’s threat to take revenge for the assassination of General Qassim Soleimani. The high profile Iranian general was taken out in a drone attack by the US – and businesses across the West could now be targeted in the anticipated reprisals. Matt Horan, security director of C3IA Solutions, said the rogue state’s tactics might include a scatter-gun approach with cyber-attacks.

Tell them: pike

One of the most evocative items from the wartime Home Guard is to go on display at the Tank Museum in Dorset – a pike. The homemade weapon was issued to eccentric WW1 veteran Percy Hobart, who would go on to have a major impact in the success of D-Day. But at the time was in the Home Guard

Another world first for the Tank Museum

For the first time ever the four Victoria Crosses awarded to members of the Tank Corps in World War One will be brought together and put on display – at the Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset.

Tank Museum appeals for missing MC

The Tank Museum in Dorset has launched an appeal to find the Military Cross (MC) won by the commander of its Mark V tank 100 years ago at the Battle of Amiens. Harold Whittenbury’s heroics at the battle, which included ramming a building with his tank, earned him the bravery medal.

Happy Christmas from the Western Front – a hero too hot to handle

A Christmas card sent 100 years ago by one of the First World War’s most heroic tank officers is to go on display for the first time. Elliot Hotblack sent the simple card from ‘Advance Headquarters Tank Corps’ in December 1917, presumably to his parents in Norfolk. It includes a print of a crewman waving his cap from a Mark … Read More

VC to go on display for the very first time

One of only four Victoria Crosses won by tank crews in WW1 will go on public display for the first time on the centenary of the action in which the recipient died. Captain Richard Wain was posthumously awarded the VC, the UK’s highest award for bravery, following his heroics at the Battle of Cambrai on November 20, 1917. During the … Read More

Time to say ‘tanks’ to our WW1 commanders

One of the most important men in the history of the tank is to be remembered a century after the most significant moment of his long career. The Tank Museum in Dorset is to celebrate the occasion that Hugh Elles led the Tank Corps at the Battle of Cambrai, proving beyond doubt what the tank could do. Staff are taking … Read More

A new chapter in the story of the world’s most famous tank

The story of the world’s most famous tank has had a new chapter added following research revealing exactly how Tiger 131 was captured. The new information includes an astonishing account from a previously unknown eye-witness. He recalled the moment his anti-tank round bounced off the Tiger tank as the turret turned in his direction moments before it was disabled by … Read More

Lifting the lid on Fray Bentos

One of the most astonishing acts of survival during World War One is being told at The Tank Museum in Dorset to mark the centenary of the action. For more than 60 hours the crew of tank ‘Fray Bentos’, which was stuck in no-man’s-land, fought off German machine gun fire, snipers, grenades, heavy artillery and dynamite. An enemy soldier even … Read More

How our WWI troops got a kick up the Arras

The oldest surviving tank that saw combat marks the centenary of the action this month – but it should never have gone to war in the first place, it can be revealed. The astonishing story of Tank 785 is being told at The Tank Museum in Bovington, Dorset, where it is shown that the tank went into battle without armour. … Read More