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iRed, the thermography pioneers, has launched a course for building pofessionals

A market-leading thermal imaging company that works for some of the biggest developers in the country is sharing with building professionals the benefits of its technology.

iRed, based in Emsworth, Hampshire, has launched a course that demonstrates how thermography can detect air leakage, missing insulation and heat loss from domestic and commercial properties.

Its own work regularly identifies simple problems that when addressed save occupants money through lower bills, and help conserve energy.

With the large house builders now accepting the benefits of thermal imaging, building professionals can add it to their range of services.

It means that properties can be made far more efficient, more quickly and at a lower cost.

Building surveyors, inspectors, assessors and others within the sector are already booking places on the course.

It is approved by Elmhurst, the UK’s largest accreditation scheme for energy assessors, and by the Awarding Body of the Built Environment (ABBE).

Ray Faulkner, a pioneer in thermography and founder of iRed, said: “We are now seeing the big house builders utilise thermography to maximise efficiency.

Ray Faulkner

“The benefit is that air leakage, missing insulation and heat loss can be identified quickly and the precise location found instantly – and of course it’s an entirely non-destructive process.

“It means that rectifying issues is fast, accurate and relatively cheap; and it saves energy and money.

“With a growing acceptance that thermography should be an integral part of any development, those in the industry want the skills to use it themselves.

“So we have created a new course to fulfil the demand.

“Building professionals can now equip themselves with the cameras and – after one of our courses – the skills.

“Creating a thermography report on a building is a technical process but adds value to any developer and ensures occupants are living in as much comfort and paying as little for fuel bills as possible.”

The three day Thermal Imaging for Buildings course includes; the basics of infrared thermography, thermal camera set-up, thermal camera operation, building fabric applications, image tuning and basic report writing.

iRed, the thermal imaging company, has launched a new course for building professionals


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Notes to editors:

iRed was founded in 2002 by Ray Faulkner who has pioneered the advances in thermography. The technology was traditionally used to examine buildings for failing insulation and in the electrical sector to check wiring. Now, there are a plethora of applications with iRed leading the field as a consultancy and specialist training centre.