Why companies and organisations choose Deep South Media

Unrivalled media experience – in-house senior professionals from respected media organisations, including news reporters, business editors, editors and news editors.

Inside out – members of the team have led in-house communication teams, including at local authorities and a high-profile organisation under the Government’s Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy.

Extensive agency-side experience ­- national and industry-specific client campaigns, complementing sales and marketing activities.

Industry respect – content consistently published by hundreds of independent news journalists across the UK, including national, regional, local and trade media.

Rating – 5* rating on Google reviews

Multimedia content – repeatedly putting clients ahead of competitors with online, broadcast and offline visibility.

Fixed fees – transparency and budget certainty over costs. No surprises.

High-quality backlinks – intelligent, original, valuable, trusted and relevant content; driving eyes to client websites.

High SEO trust score – providing a boost in reputation and search engine valuation for client brands.

Significant and proven returns on investment – from editorial/social media content, including a multi-million pound contract, £600,000, £250,000, £200,000, £20,000 and £10,000.

Bottom-line payroll savings – a salaried content manager is paid an average of £38,700 pa whilst Deep South Media’s costs are up to two-thirds less. And there is a team of nine on hand.

Instant audience for client brands – 50,000 business-to-business connections on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube, and growing.

Business-to-business influencer – ranked in top 1% for social selling, out of 28 million LinkedIn users in UK.

On point – subscriber to market-leading software with real-time updates on all media contacts in the UK and internationally.

Digital design – social media graphics and infographics; just a few of the online tools to create impactful design.

Industry insights – subscriber to a wide range of digital media, including regional daily newspapers and trade magazines across diverse sectors.

Video velocity – video production and editing, using high-standard AV equipment and latest software packages; drone pilot fully insured and licensed.

Productivity – what may take someone externally up to five working days can take Deep South Media less than three hours; no ‘Parkinson’s Law’.

Influential networks – members of Hampshire Chamber of Commerce, Dorset Chamber, Executive Association Solent, Bournemouth Chamber of Trade & Commerce, Weymouth & Portland Chamber of Commerce, Portsmouth Property Association, BH Area Hospitality Association and AFC Business (the commercial arm of professional football club AFC Bournemouth).

Connected and respected – advising CEOs, chairs, MDs and other senior management teams in the private, public and third sector.

Best practice – extensive and deep experience from working with scores of dynamic companies and organisations, from PLCs to micro businesses.

Sense-check – providing clients with non-nonsense advice to avoid costly reputational blunders.

Versatility – copy writing and proofreading for all forms of marketing.

Cybersecure – CyberEssentials accreditation and Microsoft 365/ESET protections.

Social media savvy – ahead of curve on latest trends, curation and delivery.

Peace of mind – in the top half of the most financially strong PR consultancies in the UK, out of 810.

Resilience – 23 years of successful trading, including during the pandemic in 2020/21 and financial crash of 2008/9.

Creativity – eye-catching digital design/publishing, from e-newsletters to annual reports.

Relationship building – access to influential networks and individuals.

Team players – professional and personable account directors and managers slot seamlessly into your team.

Streetwise – knowing exactly what a story is, including the trip wires, and how things will play out in the media.

Back-up – heavy hitters in your corner during a crisis.

Professional body – individual membership of Chartered Institute of Public Relations, keeping clients up to date with best digital practice.

Online training – marketing and PR professionals, along with press office teams, regularly attend Deep South Media’s masterclasses on how to write effective, impactful press releases in our digital age.

Retainers at Deep South Media are built around client budgets. To find out how Deep South Media could be your cost-effective media partner, for proactive and reactive content, please contact Ron Wain, MD, Deep South Media, for a no-obligation chat via LinkedIn or info@deepsouthmedia.co.uk