An opportunity not to be mist

Paul Storey, The Pest Detective (TPD)

A Dorset-based pest control expert is offering a deep clean ‘mist’ service for businesses concerned about coronavirus.

Paul Storey – aka The Pest Detective – has lowered his usual rates as far as he can for the foreseeable future.

He is licensed to use ‘fogging’ machines with advanced chemicals that can sanitise whole areas quickly and thoroughly.

The machine launches a jet of mist that covers all parts of an interior space, killing 99 per cent of all known germs and viruses.

The Pest Detective Paul Storey, demonstrating the chemical ‘mist’ spray that can sanitise large areas

The chemicals used are proven as being effective in killing some of the world’s most deadly germs including Influenza, HIV and Noravirus.

Paul, who lives in Poole and whose business was featured on national TV, said: “With this coronavirus people are rightly concerned and this service has given real peace of mind to many clients.

“This is why I thought I’d cut my fees to the lowest I can and offer it to everyone across Dorset and the New Forest.

The Pest Detective, presenting arms. Paul Storey can deep clean with a chemical ‘mist’

“The fogging machines pump a fine mist of chemicals into the air and they cover all ceilings, walls, floors and surfaces.

“It is then air dried, leaving the space free from 99 per cent of all known viruses and bacteria.

“It is ideal for schools, warehouses, buses, trains – in fact any interior space. We are also able to work in offices with computers and other electrics using the same chemicals, which may require more conventional cleaning methods.

“I used to be a Royal Marine and visited disease-riddled countries but I never came up against an enemy quite like the coronavirus.

“But if we can help defeat it then we will work around the clock. I’ve cut my rates to the lowest I realistically can.”





Notes to editors:

Paul Storey served with the Royal Marines from 1989-2001 and then worked across the world in security. He moved into pest control in 2006 and set up his own business shortly afterwards. His business works under the brands The Pest Detective and TPD Environmental Services.


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