Deep South Media, staffed by highly experienced professionals from respected media organisations, specialises in the following skills training for 2024:

  • Online, interactive workshops on how to write effective press releases for the media, website & digital platforms. Press releases are a valuable marketing tool in our digital age. Editorial coverage can generate new business, improve search engine rankings and serve as a springboard for social media posts. But hard-nosed newsdesks delete the vast majority of press releases due to poor quality, wasting money, resources and time. So how can you get your submission to stand out? We show you how. Five one-hour modules with two trainers: £990 plus vat per person.
  • How your staff can champion your business on LinkedIn, driving brand awareness, leads and cross-selling of services. Online, interactive and bespoke two-hour sessions, with two trainers: £640 plus vat, for up to 10 participants.
  • Online and interactive media awareness training for university academics and researchers. Preparing attendees for the launch of their research or spin-out ventures. Or drilling down on newsworthy data and findings. Each bespoke session is 2.5 hours, with two trainers: £750 plus vat for up to four participants.
  • Online and interactive training for new-to-role university and college press officers and PR executives. Sharing best practice and the street smarts for internal and external communications. Each bespoke session is 2.5 hours, with two trainers: £750 plus vat for up to four participants.
  • In-person media interview training for senior management teams, with realistic practice in handling various interview scenarios. Each session is tailored to your organisation, building your confidence and helping you sharpen your key messages in the face of even the most challenging interview questions. Two trainers plus a professional camera operator for real-time feedback and insights. Prices up to £1,500 plus vat, excluding the cost of venue hire, refreshments and travel. Maximum of six participants.

Contact Us

For detailed information on the services above please contact Deep South Media’s Managing Director, Ron Wain, via or direct messaging Ron via his LinkedIn account or ring 01202 534487.