Mohammed’s VeriSmart move

Mohamed Hussain who has launched a property inventory company in LeedsMohammed#s VeriSmart

A property entrepreneur has launched a new business in Leeds that he hopes will shake up the rental sector.

Mohammed Hussain has become a licensee for VeriSmart Inventories and intends to grow the business and create jobs.

He compiles inventories for letting agents and landlords using a copyrighted system including the best in voice recognition technology.

The speed and accuracy of his reports saves landlords and letting agents a great deal of time and money as well as keeping them legal and their tenants safe.

Mohammed, who has been a landlord himself for more than a decade, understands the importance of inventories for the industry.

Prior to a property being rented the landlord or agent requires an inventory compiling.

Mohammed’s process is completely paper-free and the inventories are automatically emailed to agents and tenants for online verification.

Additionally, and in line with current legislation and the housing health and safety rating system requirements for landlords and their agents, he provides extra compliance services.

These include legionella and fire risk assessments, proper carbon monoxide (CO) and smoke detector testing (using synthetic smoke and CO), PAT testing, energy performance certificates (EPCs) and health and safety reports.

Mohammed said: “As a landlord myself I understand the importance of quick, accurate inventories.

“When I decided to launch a business I looked at a number of models and VeriSmart was head and shoulders above the rest.

“It also includes lots of extra services such as PAT testing, proper smoke and CO alarm testing, legionella testing, health and safety reports, energy performance certificates and fire risk assessments.

“As a landlord this is exactly the type of one-stop service I was looking for so I know it will be popular.

“I have been part of the Responsible Landlord Scheme for around 12 years and the VeriSmart method backs up everything it means to be responsible and legal.”



Notes to editors:

VeriSmart Inventories was re-branded in 2015 after developing its unique smart verification software that allows for the paper-free inventories to be compiled with speed and accuracy. The company was launched 25 years ago in the Bournemouth and Poole conurbation in Dorset, where it is still headquartered. The new technology allowed the business to adopt a franchise model. Some of its licensees make a substantial six figure income. It operates across England and now Wales.

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