The world’s worst ever book signing tour

Ray Carole, formerly of the SAS, has penned a book – The Clinic – based on his experiences

A former SAS sergeant who was the youngest member of the elite regiment when he passed selection is going on ‘the world’s worst ever book signing tour’ to promote his debut novel.

Ray Carole, 42, from Poole is peddling a collapsible bicycle nearly 4,0000 miles around Britain in the trip that will also see him raise money for the Bowra Foundation.

Ray Carole, formerly of the SAS, has penned a book – The Clinic – based on his experiences

The foundation aims to inspire resilience among people suffering from neurological disorders.

Ray was just 22 when he joined the legendary special forces unit and served around the world.

After his military career he raced 500 miles to the North Pole and then skied 715 miles to the South Pole in an attempt to be the first person to walk there and back solo.

This mission, which he was forced to abort at the pole due to the season ending, features in the gripping semi-autobiographical narrative in his psychological thriller, The Clinic.

With Covid delaying his plans to return to the Antarctic he decided to get out on the road on his bicycle to promote his book.

Ray said: “I decided to promote my book by cycling around the country – and I think I will also do Scotland now so I’ll be travelling almost 4,000 miles.

“I began in Poole then headed to the Isle of Wight and will continue east, stopping at pubs to do signings.

“I’ve called it the ‘world’s worst ever book signing’ as a bit of a gimmick, but the idea is to meet people along the way and have some fun.

“I’ll also be promoting the Bowra Foundation which was formed by Mark Bowra, a former special forces officer.

“He suffered a debilitating stroke at the peak of his powers and the foundation helps those suffering from neurological disorders through practical help and physical challenges.

“The tour will be exhausting on a small bicycle but with my other planned physical challenges delayed it seemed like a good idea.”

Details of Ray’s progress and his planned route can be seen through live updates on his website

The Clinic is published by Troubador and is available from online sites as well as the author’s site


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