007’s favourite coffee now available as Father’s Day gift

Tim Wookey, founder of Midnight Blue Coffee

Treat the world’s best father to one of the world’s best coffees 

One of the world’s rarest and most sought-after coffees is now available as a limited-edition gift

If you really want to show your father how special he is, treat him to a gift of exquisite-tasting Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee this Father’s Day and make him feel like James Bond. Jamaica Blue Mountain was author Ian Fleming’s favourite coffee and is credited in his book ‘Live and Let Die’, with James Bond declaring it: “the most delicious coffee in the world”.

Specialist coffee brand, Midnight Blue, is releasing just 250 luxury gift boxes of exquisite hand batch-roasted Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee. Each gift box contains a numbered, limited edition, signed roasting certificate, a personalised Father’s Day message, a presentation booklet and 250g of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee, with a choice of whole bean, coarse, medium and fine grounds to suit your father’s preferred way of preparing his coffee.

This coffee is so rare that its annual production is equivalent to the amount produced in three hours by Columbia’s annual crop yield, with 80% of the total crop exported to connoisseurs in Japan, leaving a tiny amount for the UK. The unique blue mist, that gave the mountain range its name, shrouds the coffee plants helping to slow the ripening process down by 30% improving both aroma and taste, and achieving the perfect conditions to create a truly unique and delicate flavour.

To order your 100% pure Jamaica Blue Mountain Father’s Day gift for just £80, including delivery, visit: www.midnightblue.coffee.

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Notes to Editors

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is famed for its absence of bitterness, and smooth, caramel mouthfeel. Best enjoyed pure, without milk or sugar. To qualify as genuine Jamaica Blue Mountain, cultivation is tightly controlled and each shipment must be certified and labelled by the Coffee Industry Board of Jamaica. Jamaica Blue Mountain produces just one harvest per annum unlike many other coffee producing regions.