Marketing the Wright way

Tom Wright of Biddable Media Consultancy

A pioneering marketing expert who returned to Dorset from the bright lights of London has said his new business has boomed – despite Covid.

After a decade working for some of the world’s biggest brands, multi-award winning Tom Wright launched the Biddable Media Consultancy (BMC) a year ago.

He feared the pandemic would end his embryonic enterprise before it had established itself, but is now gearing up for further growth.

Tom is an expert in paid media management across all buying platforms including Google and social media.

He also uses specialist software and artificial intelligence to target adverts across the whole of the open web to carefully selected audiences.

Those who react to the adverts or to his clients’ website or apps can then be further approached online.

But unlike the few agencies in London who are capable of this next-generation re-marketing, Tom has added an ethical element.

Adverts are retired if the targeted recipient ignores them for a designated period of time.

The business has a number of clients across the Bournemouth-Poole and Southampton-Portsmouth conurbations.

Tom, who was brought up in Lytchett Minster, Dorset, and is based in Poole, said: “I had just got the business up and running and in profit when Covid came.

“The advertising industry lost £1bn in just a few months and I wondered if I’d survive.

“I have had to change, and add services, but August was the best month since I started a year ago.

“The pandemic forced my hand and the direction of the busines which was crucial in its survival and its growth.

“My former clients in London were huge and the agencies I worked for demanded minimum spends of thousands of pounds.

“I can offer the same service for small and medium businesses for a fraction of the cost. It is accessible to all businesses.

“I have added Facebook, Google and Whatsapp advertising to the mix to supplement the open web targeting.

“Clients’ brands, goods and services are put in front of potential customers across the whole web and on social media.

“Adverts appear where we know the right people are looking; it might be on a newspaper website or other highly popular page.

“Campaigns are carefully formulated for specific results, whether that be leads, sales or awareness.

“Because I have the technology I am able to bid for specific ad space on any website in the world that allows it.

“No personal data is recorded but certain information is stored so interested people can be targeted with further adverts or information.

“My technology utilises artificial intelligence and machine learning and the campaigns are highly flexible and reactive.

“We want people to see ads that they are interested in, but we also don’t want to annoy them because this can impact negatively on the company involved.

“So ads are retired from targeting people after a certain time.

“My service is complementary to businesses’ other, off-line advertising and clients have been getting great results.”

While in London, Tom won the Econsultancy rising star award and was the Trading Desk of the Year winner at the 2018 UK Biddable Media Awards.




Notes to editors:

Biddable Media Consultancy was launched by Tom Wright after a he spent a decade working for some of the world’s biggest global brands in London. Tech and techniques used for these high profile clients is now available to SMEs. The consultancy is based in Poole, Dorset.

For more information contact Ed Baker at Deep South Media on 01202 534487 or 07788392965